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When Loving Yourself More is Necessary

I know, I know. The title sounds very selish and self-centered. Anytime the You is mentioned in regards to Self it is automatically thought of as selfish. But not so. There comes a point when a person has to love themselves the most out of all those they serve. I think of how I spend most of my days. It is serving others. Giving of myself to others…at the expense of my own well being. I clearly heard the voice of God say, “You can’t survive on fumes.” I laughed but it was true. Sometimes we have to realize that we must care for ourselves the most. How is it that we can love others when we ourselves are not receiveing that same love?

How to Show Yourself Some Love?

1. Nourish your body first before Nourishing others. 2. Groom your body first before Grooming others. 3. Plan your Schedule and Time Committments with your limits in mind. 4. Take 5…minutes, hours, days away from a stressful situation. 5. Tell yourself, “I Love You” more often than you tell others.

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