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Who’s To Say

Who’s to say you can’t do that which you feel passionately in your heart to do? Who’s to say you weren’t meant to live a life greater than you’ve ever thought was possible? It’s not about being better than anyone else or glorifying self because you have achieved and arrived to some invisible status symbol. It’s about living out your God-gifted purpose.

You know who says? People who are meant to steal, kill, and destroy all that’s good in the world. Those who find themselves jealous and envious of your magnetic love and energy.

You know who else says? You. Your negative self talk finds verbiage in the poor reflection of nothingness and, at the end of the conversation you have with yourself, you have just talked yourself out of making the next big step towards a God-ordained future.

But who’s to say you are meant to “Do Life Big” as Jamie Grace songs boldly? God. Trust that God believes in you and wants you to shine God’s lightly brightly to the world so that lives are changed, hearts are healed and chains are broken.

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