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When Things Don’t Change

People talk about change. Spiritual and Political Leaders talk preach about things needing to change. However, Change doesn’t just happen because a person desires it. Change comes about when two things happen: 1) The vision you see is so clear that you can’t see things being any other way and/or you get so sick of being the way you are you can’t breathe. And once the vision is clear and/or the situation gets so sick and severe, the person puts in motion a plan to change. It may not be altogether and concrete but the Green Light says Go to the new way of doing things, new way of living.

I’m in this change mode even as I type this. I was determined to lead a healthier life for myself. I cut out fast food restaurants from our diet for the first six months of the year. I was serious. Absolutely NO fast food items. My family could not understand it and even attempted to change my mind. I was determined to do something different and drastic because I saw a better way to live. This became my mindset so many other areas in my life. I saw a vision of a healthier way to live and got sick of not living life in the light.

Are you changing? No? Then maybe you can’t see. Are things around you changing for the healthier? No? Then maybe you are sick and tired enough of things being the same. When you are and when they do, then you will make drastic changes that may not make sense to anyone but will bring a sense of peace in your soul.

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