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Our souls are contaminated with so many things: toxic words, ill intentions, destructive thoughts. We must purify our soul from all that is keeping us from loving others rightly. I find myself lashing out and saying things that would be generally caught by wisdom when I’m overworked, overwhelmed, and overly consumed with the ways of the world. Now this is no excuse for bad behavior; it offers reason for it with the hope of caution.

Be in a place of protection over your soul. Stay in the mode of constant monitoring your contamination level. Glad you asked. How do you do this? See the list below.


Ask yourself from time to time:

1. What am I listening to? Is it uplifting to the humanity as a whole? Does it make me believed the best about myself? Others? God?

2. Who am I hanging around? What people are in my environment in a regular? Are they encouraging or discouraging? Do they tell me the truth in a loving way or are they dead set on inflicting pain when they share?

3. Where am I spending my time? Is the place I work conducive to a healthy mental stability or is a stress-filled environment? Is the church or religious temple I worship spewing hate or is accurately reflecting the love of God?

When answering these questions, be honest with yourself. And if you find out that your soul is highly contaminated, make a plan to Purify.

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