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I’m thinking about this drought in Sacramento, CA. A city where grasses grow green are covered in brown patches. What?? Well, that’s what happens when grass isn’t watered. Grass is a living organism. It needs water. You know how people die? Dehydration. Water is needed. Like grass, we need to be watered. We need nourishment–intentional nourishment.

If you want your “grass” to be greener and you want it to grow up higher, water your lawn. Be intentional about supplying all living things in your life with what is necessary to grow. You want a better relationship, provide it with what is needed to make it grow. You want a more fulfilling career, assess what’s going well and what’s not going well and determine to make it healthy.

There’s no need to long for someone else grass if you aren’t taking care of your own. If you were to get theirs, would you do the work required to maintain it’s health or would it soon turn to brown and die following your care plan?

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