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Open Doors

What is the point of having open doors if you don’t walk through them? I mean, we pray for doors to open but when the door does open in front of us, we tend to stand in the doorway staring. We are either staring ahead to what is on the other side of the door or we are staring behind us to what we are leaving. Regardless of what we are looking at, we are looking and not moving. What is going on??? Well, I will tell you. We are paralyzed by the “what ifs” of the open door possibility. What if the people I leave behind hate me? What if the people I’m leaving fall apart without me? What if God doesn’t want me to leave the responsibilities I have? What if I fail at what is before me? What if I get overwhelmed by the new responsibilities? What if God doesn’t really want me to walk through the door? We are bombarded with the “What If” syndrome that we become paralyzed in moving forward. There’s no need to pray for open door opportunities if we are not going to run through them. Run, Jump, Skip over the door seal to what lies ahead!

Peace and Love,



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