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Time is of Who's Essence?

Time is of Who’s Essence?

We hear the idiom “Time is of the essence” so much that we repeat it to everyone. To ourselves, our children, even the clerk at the grocery store. Eek! But what does that really mean. Time is the essence of what, a clock? Cambridge Abridge dictionary tells us that it is a formal way “to encourage someone to hurry along.” (This would explain why it is often said to children, those little slowpokes.) When we say or hear “Time is of the essence” we are wanting to ensure that all parties involved understand that the tasks at hand must be tended to IMMEDIATELY! No delay. So then how do w

e reconcile such proverbs that let us know that there is a time and a season for everything we do? What about scriptures that let us know that to God, one minute is like a thousand years? There goes our sense of time.

According to Seth Fiegerman, women spend an average of 16 minutes deciding what to wear to work. And reported employees spending 20% of their workday “socializing with coworker and taking breaks.” And I won’t even talk about the how many hours men spend looking at women. Time is of the essence but who’s time and who’s essence? I’m not sure what you have planned for the new year but I hope it is to have a better sense of YOUR time. How are you spending your day? How are you spending your “thinking” time? Is it on life building thoughts such as service opportunities you can be involved in? Or is it on life draining thoughts such as worry? God’s time is not our time…it is infinite but our time on earth is limited so let’s make sure we spend it purposefully.

Peace and Love,



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