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Why You Have a Hard Time Hating Beyonce

I'm going to tell you right now-this post is not a super deep philisophical argument about Beyonce Knowles-Carter's Superbowl L performance. I'm not going to dissect her overt ways of communicating to America her pride in being of Black. You are not about to read here about the ways in which she promotes her feminine ways of dominating a culture that is ran by men. Nope! Not gonna! What I want to write about is her ways of being ridiculously fabulous at being herself and living out LOUD her purpose. Beyonce knows full well that she is an entertainer. She is a singer, writer, producer of music and uses it all to her advantage. There are those of us who want to hate on her performance costume choices and sexually provocative dance moves. We want to talk about her choice of hairstyles and magazine covers look. But can you really hate on the woman doing her thing...and doing the dang thing FIERCELY!! She is Sasha Fierce, B, , Yonce, Mrs. Carter, simply Beyonce. She's all of it unapologetically. Can we as women get to that place?

I know for myself, it's hard at times to "rock" my purpose without question. I have chosen a profession (or rather it has chosen me) that's not so glamourous. I mean, really, I help people die well. I listen to people talk about being burned by cigarettes as a child. I help keep teen girls out of the sex trafficking world. I even have the task of leading people into a closer truth of God and God's Word (and we know that's not too popular right now). I don't have a pretty profession. But in my newest book Lipgloss, Blazers, & Shoes, I encourage people to take the time to discover their own call and purpose in life and live that life to its fullest. I have friends who are celebrities, who are physicians and politicians. I also have friends who are teachers and garbage collectors. But what I love about all of them is that they do what they do GREAT and with such passion. So while we want to talk about Beyonce's performance and her overall celebrity, I want to ask, "Can we really hate her?" Why not join her!

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