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Politics & You

As many of you know, yesterday was Super Tuesday. What is Super Tuesday? Super Tuesday is the big day in politics where many states hold voting for the presidential nominee. According to it is "the unofficial name for a Tuesday during the presidential primary election when the largest number of states hold their nominating contests". All I saw on social media and news channels were images and stories of the various contests being held. I don't know about you but it all just makes me sick. Running for the presidency of the United States of America has turned into name bashing and game playing. It is not about who is the best person to run this country but who's not as bad as the worst.

I have my own political views (which I will save for another blog). I just want to encourage everyone to be mindful of the fights and battles in which we get ourselves involved. Sometimes, some battles and contests are left to others. Mudslinging really isn't necessary. Bantering isn't always all that friendly. Bad company corrupts good character. So very true.



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