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A Passionate Purpose

This year I am celebrating turning another year in age with having lunch with friends. I don't know about anyone else but since I was a young girl, I wanted to know what my life was all about. I'm sure you had the same conversations with your dolls. You would say, "Hi Tameka" or "Hi Suzie". Then you would curiously ask them, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The conversation would include answers such as "Doctor", "Lawyer", "Teacher", "Mommy", "Firefighter." Rarely did we not have an answer to this question asked to us in PretendLand. But something happened from childhood to young adulthood. We got nervous and scared of forever. We became very acutely aware of the potential of failing at whatever we attempted. This fear cripples so many of us from venturing out into the deep waters of being stay-at-home moms, starting our own businesses, going to college after decades of being out of school.

This lunch that I am planning is not to tell anyone what they should be in this life. It is to bring some dynamic women who help women everyday live their lives with purpose! They help others bring out the passion that is in their hearts. If you are in the Sacramento Area on March 19th, join us and be Inspired, Empowered, and Activated to live YOUR life with a Passionate Purpose.

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