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I Can't Pee Standing Up: Inadequacy Doesn't Failure

I'm not trying to pull a Nora Ephron but, truth is, I am a single parent. Now you are probably rolling your eyes and saying to yourself, "Not another venting blog post." Don't worry, it's not. It's just fact. But what does that term even mean?! The title or term is so loaded and defined by whomever is saying it. For me, it means I am the only parent in my son's home and I am his primary caregiver. As a single parent, I have to fill in where there are voids. It's just a fact that I don't know how to do everything a father can do. I can't pee standing up so I don't understand the struggle of getting all the urine in the water. (I mean, really guys!) I can't really play the sports my son likes to play. I try but I'm really not very good. For a long time I used to feel horrible because I wasn't able to things for my son that he wanted or needed me to do with him. I felt like I was failing as a mother. But you know what, God had to remind me that everybody isn't able to do everything that is needed to be done. This is why we need each other. Just because you can't do something or do something well doesn't mean you are failure. It means just that, you can't do it. So you either get someone else to do it or you learn how to do it. Keep life simple and give yourself some grace.

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