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To Know the Story is to Love the Victory.

I can't help but get all Easter-y today. I mean, who can't help but be reminded on the day the modern world remembers the day Jesus died that death is not always the final act. There's still more to come. See, Jesus the Christ was crucified. The one that was claiming he was the Savior of the world was still subject to society's way of doing things. The one who claimed he was the "beloved son" of God the Father had been mocked and cruelly treated after being wrongfully accused. The one who inspired people to be better, the one who healed people from lifelong illnesses was the one who was placed in a tomb. Death became him.

But we, unlike those who were there, know that death was not the end of the story. Death is not the end of our stories. It may seem like your story has ended in death-a financial denial, a relationship ending, a failed career move, a college admission denial-but the end of a thing is not the final word on your victory. Jesus had death over victory. He had to die. Something may have to die in your life for you to get whatever redemption, lesson, understanding you need to get from God. But it does not mean that your life is over. It does not mean that you won't have longlasting life in that area again.

Jesus had an amazing story to tell; it was recorded and shared. If you read his story, you can see yourself. Hopefully you will be inspired to live your life boldly, unapologetically, and

passionately. Hopefully you will remember that death is not the final answer but there is a sweet victory that can be found in God.

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